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Welcome to the web site of Dr. Jay Lavine, noted authority in ophthalmology and in nutrition. He is the author of the newly released The Eye Care Sourcebook. Dr. Lavine's goal is to fill the critical need for a source of legitimate, unbiased medical information in these areas.

About This Site

For people who have purchased The Eye Care Sourcebook, as well as for other visitors to the site, Dr. Lavine will provide insightful analyses as new studies and reports appear in the media. Thus, The Eye Care Sourcebook will be continuously updated!

Dr. Lavine will also be glad to answer your medical questions, particularly in the areas of ophthalmology (eye care) and preventive nutrition. However, he cannot give personal medical advice. Similarly, all material on this web site is intended to provide general information about health and should not be construed as personal medical advice.


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Dr. Lavine discusses how medicine would be practiced according to Jewish ethical values: http://www.jewish-medicine.org.


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